11,95€ per Child


  • Lunch or Snack
    Options: Hamburguer with fries or 1 slice pizza with fish fingers or nuggets and fries (our pizzas are home made).
  • All options include dessert: jellow *juice or donut and *water (beverages included during snack/meal time).
  • Guided visit and interaction with the Petting Farm animals, animal presentations, swimming pools, mini golf, bouncy castle, pony rides (one ride per child), pedal karts and tree climbing.
  • Personalised Krazy World party invitation.
  • Inside area with restaurant, bouncy castle and stage for animal presentations for cold or rainy days.
  • Minimum of 10 children.
  • Accompanying adults have free entry.
  • We can provide an private monitor, please enquire for our prices.
  • No food or drinks are allowed inside the park.
  • Open from 10 am until 6pm.
  • Quad bikes are charged separately.

Special Eco Workshop:

Join our Eco Workshop, reuse materials and find new ways to use pine cones, leaves, bark and other natural elements.

Join us and find out how!

Have a special theme or menu in mind? Bring us your suggestion, we will be happy to make your child’s dreams come true!


  • Smoked Ham (portion) – 4,95€
  • Chorizo (portion) – 4,95€
  • Cheese (portion) – 4,95€
  • Shrimp (portion) – 4,95€
  • Patties, friters, croquettes half dozen 4,95€ / one dozen – 9,95€
  • Roasted chicken (portion) – 5,95€
  • Portion of chips – 1,95€
Large Pizzas for Snack
  • Margarita (Tomato Sauce and Cheese) – 9,50€
  • Popular (Tomato Sauce, Cheese and Ham) – 12,95€
  • Funghi (Tomato Sauce, Cheese and Mushrooms) – 12,95€
  • Christy (Tomato Sauce, Cheese and Chorizo) – 12,95€
  • Portuguesa (Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Ham, Chorizo, Onion, Olives and Oregano) –  13,95€
  • Algarvia (Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Tuna, Tomato, Onions and Olives) – 13,95€
  • Bolonhesa (Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Bolognese Souce) – 13,95€
Lunch: Options for family and friends

Special dish of the day 7,95€

Or by request,  minimum 10 persons:

  • Roasted pork loin with rice, french fries and salad.
  • Roasted chicken with rice, french fries and salad.
  • Cod fish with cream gratin and salad.
  • Portuguese Style Cod fish (with Potatoes and Eggs) and salad.
  • 7.95€ per person.
  • Beverage not included.
  • Jug of beer – 5,00€
  • Soft drinks 1,5lt – 4,50€
  • Still Water 1,5lt – 2,50€